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:WTF Clock is a World Time Format clock and converter for the iPhone.

:WTF divides the Solar Day into 26 Alphabetic Hours A through Z, each just over 55 regular minutes long, which are divided into 26 Alphabetic Minutes (each about two minutes and 8 seconds), then 26 Alphabetic Seconds (each about 4.9 seconds) and so on.

:WTF shows the date on the left side of the colon, and the time on the right side.

WTFClock uses modified date format based on 14 day fortnights, A: - N:, so A: is always a Monday.

Current :WTF date and time is

:WTF is a universal time, it is the same :WTF time no matter where you are in the world.

:A is 12:00 Noon GMT, 7:00 AM EST, 5:00 AM PDT, 9:00 PM in Tokyo, etc.

:WTF can be used to schedule phone calls and internet events without time zone confusion - "Call me at :G"

:WTF is great for tweets and text messages to state a date and time in very few characters - "Party at my place STR:O"

The Analog Clock displays local time and date. Drag the hands to change the time.

Change Time Zone by touching the TimeZone Abbreviation and selecting from list.

Switch between stored timezones by touching the TimeZone Name.

Double-Tap the letters and numbers of the clock to set the time there. Double-Tap again to change AM to PM.

The :WTF time can be set by dragging the letters up or down, to convert from :WTF time to local time.

Tap and hold the :WTF time to enable editing from the keyboard (A space will work as the colon).

Tap the Arrows to paste in or copy out the displayed :WTF time. (Not available in free version)

When stopped, it displays how far in the past or future the displayed time is.

Drag the :WTF time to the left for more precision or to the right to show the full date.